LM, Pouches and Speed

LM more and more specialized in transport of bags

A new technology able to handle up to 400 ppm

Products that require a particular type of treatment such as those intended for the food or pet-food sectors are increasingly preferring packaging in pouches, or “stand-up-bags”.By their nature, these are not only delicate products compared to others, but also goods that are actually produced in large quantities which, without certain technologies, risk to being sorted unproperly.

It is in these operations that the LM skid dividers and combiner offer a solution, positioning themselves among the most suitable transport systems to meet these needs.

Indeed, one of the difficulties associated with this type of product is that the packages do not lend themselves to being accumulated during the passage. The impossibility of braking and grouping the products one against the other due to their shape can create some critical issues, are series of factors that can affect the correct arrival of the products at the principal machines of the line.

In order to feed correctly his dividers – combiners, LM has developed some metering conveyors, or “smart belts”, extremely efficient even with the most difficult and lightest products and for the highest productions, able to handle up to 400 packs per minute.


Today high speed, delicate and accurate handling of the product and flexibility are fundamental requirements in packaging lines.

These results demonstrate that these technological advantages are the main goal of LM, built in his internal corporate mission.