Plastic Curves

LM plastic curves are a curved conveyor system for applications with high loads, featuring small overall footprint, low maintenance costs and resistance to high stress.
Curve a maglia plastica

Plastic Curves

Plastic curves are the most suited curved LM conveyor system for handling considerable loads (up to a maximum of 250 Kg) and in heavy duty operating conditions. It is suited for various product categories (boxes, bundles, cases, glass bottles, packs, jars, etc…) intended for the bottling, confectionery, fresh foods, fresh produce, personal care, logistics and tissue sectors. The plastic sectors are manufactured by LM to guarantee optimal control and considerable reduction in production times and costs. On request, plastic curves are provided with systems that facilitate the entry and exit of products, such as idle rollers, motorised rollers and knife edge interfaces. Its main characteristics are its small overall dimensions in relation to the width of the belt, solidity, resistance to high stress and minimum maintenance needs.

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Technical Sheet

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  • Maximum Weight of Handled product250 Kg
  • Maximum Speed on IR60m/min
  • Curving anglefrom 30° to 180°
  • Effective widthfrom 200 to 1800 mm
  • Internal radiusfrom 600 to 2200 mm
Suited for
  • cura, persona, casa, chimico
    Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Bundles, Boxes, Cartons/Trays,
  • logistica
  • tissue
    Cartons/trays, Bundles,
  • piatti pronti
    Fresh food / Ready meals
    Boxes, Cartons/trays,
  • tabacco
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • farmaceutico
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • dolciario
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • pane
    Cartons/trays, Boxes,
  • beverage
    Bundles, Cartons/trays, Cases,
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods
    Cartons/trays, Cases, Bundles,
  • lattiero
    Bundles, Cartons/trays, Cases,


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