Ethics and sustainability

LM is committed to doing business responsibly in respect of the balance that exists between the company’s economic needs and the environmental needs of the entire community. LM is committed to observing all of the laws and regulations on sustainability, ensuring that full responsibility and control is maintained concerning safety practices and procedures. LM promotes respect for work and workers, inclusion, integration and equal opportunities. LM supports and encourages sustainable operational practices and production systems and requires its suppliers to continuously make the effort to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. LM has two photovoltaic systems with the aim of producing energy for its own consumption needs, one in the main facility and one in the site dedicated to mechanical processing, respectively 200kW and 100kW. In terms of the energy savings programme, the entire lighting system of the production areas has been completely revamped, leading to substantial savings in consumption. LM promotes the sorting and recycling of all waste produced by its activities.  In consideration of a circular economy, previously sorted waste is disposed of by preferentially handing it over to plants that implement processing aimed at the recovery of material and energy, through authorised carriers.  Through instruction provided to all employees, waste is sorted even in the office and canteen areas. LM implements policies of social responsibility by sponsoring projects that support the community, also in partnership with other players in the area and collaborating with local technical institutes by welcoming students on a regular basis at in-company training programmes.