Slat Dividers D8

Divider systems for sorting primary packaging and unpackaged products, D8 dividers have contained overall dimensions, reduced maintenance costs and low noise levels.
Deviatore D8

Slat Dividers D8

Slat Dividers D8 is LM’s most compact and economical divider model. It is suited for sorting the primary packaging of various types of product (trays, flow-packs, bags, etc…) and unpackaged products for the confectionery, dairy, bread making and fresh foods sectors.

It has a limited number of infeeds and outfeeds and is equipped with conveyor sliding blocks of various surfaces based on the handled products and speed. Slat Dividers D8 can be fitted with numerous standard systems to facilitate the transfer of the most unstable products, such as motorised and idle rollers, knife edge transfer belts, to facilitate integration into any type of line.

Its main characteristics are contained overall dimensions, reduced maintenance costs and low noise levels.

  • smistamento
    Sorting Systems
    Slat Dividers,

Technical Sheet

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  • Maximum Number of infeeds/outfeeds4
  • Maximum Product Weight5 Kg
  • Maximum Speed50 m/min
  • Effective width380, 550
  • VersionsPainted, stainless steel, Washdown
Suited for
  • farmaceutico
    Boxes, Biomedical bags, Blister packs,
  • piatti pronti
    Fresh food / Ready meals
    Bags, Pouches, Boxes, Small/large trays,
  • tissue
    Unpackaged product (Rolls, Wet wipes, Paper towels, ), Flow-pack, Boxes,
  • beverage
    Bundles, Pouches, Cartons/trays,
  • pane
    Boxes, Bags, Flow-pack, Small/large trays, Cartons/trays,
  • lattiero
    Pouches, Bags, Flow-pack, Small/large trays, Tetra Paks,
  • cura, persona, casa, chimico
    Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Bags, Flow-pack, Boxes,
  • dolciario
    Bags, Small/large trays, Boxes, Flow-pack, Unpackaged product (bars/snacks, soft/hard candies, pralines/chocolates, powder, ),
  • tabacco
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods
    Small/large trays, Unpackaged product, Bags, Pouches, Cans, Jars,
  • logistica
    Bags, Cartons,


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