Sorting Systems

For over 40 years, LM has been synonymous with sorting, dividing, aligning and grouping. Alongside the most popular diverters and sorters, installed in hundreds of factories around the world, LM is able to provide a wide range of applications for sorting and combining products from the smallest to the largest, packaged or not, stable and unstable in rigid or flexible packaging. Our systems for dividing and aligning, thanks to their versatility, can be integrated into different production lines in the food, beverage, chemical, tissue sectors, up to PET Food. Our sorting solutions are optimised in every detail to ensure maximum efficiency in every stage of the production line, at the beginning, in the process and in the primary packaging and at the end of the line, towards secondary packaging and palletisation.

Soluzioni smistamento smistatori

Slat Dividers

Slat (or plate) dividers and combiners are special conveyor systems used in processing and packaging lines to continuously divide or group the flow of products. With a ...
Sistema bypass a nastri sovrapposti


The By-pass is the handling system to implement a change in the production flow route so as to include or exclude one or more machines from the ...


A very versatile handling system, Sortech is able to manage both handling and dividing, rotation and diverting of products within packaging and logistics lines.
Soluzioni smistamento smistatori


The multilaner is one of LM's main dividing products. The function of this system is to continuously distribute and sort, on various lines, rigid and unstable containers ...