Platform Elevator

The handling system for the change in product handling height, the Platform Elevator – Lowerator, guarantees high performance without exposing the packages to any type of stress.
Elevatore ripiani

Platform Elevator

Platform Elevator is LM’s elevator model used mainly in packaging lines to vary the product handling height in a limited space and at high speed. It is distinguished for being a conveyor in continuous movement that offers higher performance than other types of elevators with alternating operation. Special articulated shelves, supported by side chains, “pick up the products” and deposit them on a different level without there being relative movement between shelves and products. The product is not exposed to any stress and remains perfectly horizontal during handling. The model Platform Elevator can have timer belts at the infeed to guarantee product synchronisation and with transfer systems at the infeed and outfeed for unstable products. It can also feature a reversible function.

  • sollevamento
    Product Lifting

Technical Sheet

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  • Maximum Speed60 m/min
  • Minimum difference in height500 mm
  • Maximum difference in height15000 mm
  • Maximum product weight 80 Kg
  • Shelf width400 500 600
  • Structure WidthShelf +450
  • Shelf Length431 482 533 584
  • Structure Length Shelf +710
  • VersionPainted and Stainless steel
Suited for
  • beverage
    Bundles, Cartons/trays, Cases,
  • piatti pronti
    Fresh food / Ready meals
    Boxes, Small/large trays, Cartons/trays,
  • tissue
    Boxes, Cartons/trays, Bundles,
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods
    Cartons/trays, Cases, Small/large trays, Bundles,
  • dolciario
    Boxes, Small/large trays, Cartons,
  • cura, persona, casa, chimico
    Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Bundles, Boxes, Cartons/Trays,
  • tabacco
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • lattiero
    Cartons/trays, Cases, Small/large trays, Bundles,
  • pane
    Small/large trays, Cartons/trays, Boxes,
  • farmaceutico
    Cartons, Boxes,
  • logistica
    Bags, Cartons,


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