Multi-Level Belt Accumulator

Accumulation system mainly used in the bread making and confectionery sectors, the Multi-Level Belt Accumulator is installed in process lines that cannot stop instantly without rejecting large amounts of product.
accumulatore a nastri sovrapposti

Multi-Level Belt Accumulator

Multi-Level Belt Accumulator is the most suitable LM accumulation model for storing a large number of product rows (based on the length of the buffer and number of levels). This consists in a series of conveyor belts stacked one above the other, powered by a multi-position tilting belt at the infeed and unloaded by another outfeed tilting belt.  The movement of the tilting belts is controlled by servomotors and the vertical stroke is extremely reduced, making it possible to change level between one row of products and the next, quickly and frequently. The buffer management program of the stacked belt accumulator is optimised so as to adapt dynamically to the variations in speed of the line by unloading downstream the quantity of products that the packaging zone is able to absorb, regardless of how many products arrive from the process. The conveyor belts have all of the features of LM belt conveyors, such as small diameter knife edges, automatic centring systems, easy belt tensioning, sturdiness and reliability.

  • accumulo
    Accumulation Systems
  • Effective Width (mm)from 600 to 2000
  • Length (mm)from 4000 to 2000
  • End roller diameter (mm)4, 9, 11, 16, 25, 60, 80
  • Maximum speed (m/min)80
  • Maximum number of levels8
  • ExecutionPainted, stainless steel, washdown
Suited for
  • piatti pronti
    Fresh food / Ready meals
    Bags, Pouches, Small/large trays,
  • dolciario
    Flow-pack, Unpackaged product (bars/snacks, soft/hard candies, pralines/chocolates, powder, ), Bags,
  • lattiero
    Pouches, Bags, Flow-pack, Unpackaged product (processed cheese, seasoned cheese, ),
  • pane
    Unpackaged product (dry/coated/filled biscuits, Baked goods, Bread, Flat bread/wraps/pita bread, Crackers, Pizza, Savoury snacks/crisps, ), Bags, Flow-pack,

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