Research and development

LM confirms its leadership position also thanks to a dedicated prime Research and Development department that represented, and still represents, a competitive edge not only for the business but also for the workers, increasingly more knowledgeable in product technological innovation and the organisation of the production process.


Research and development department

The acquisition of proprietary systems for totally internalised design, manufacture and testing and launching collaborations with international and multinational companies led LM to introduce the fourth industrial revolution as early as 2016, when, for many competitors, this transition was still science fiction. Today, IT solutions, qualifying technological components on traditional production assets and connected services, the implementation of digital technologies in operating processes define the competitive edge of LM, and, looking forward, are the basis of future orientations. The in-house software automation and mechanical design departments, thanks to highly specialised mechanical, electrical and computer engineers, are constantly focused on the research and creation of cutting edge products, on the progressive improvement of existing ones and on production process optimisation. The continuous investments in Research and Development allow LM products to grow exponentially in terms of quality, to make their use possible also in 4.0 production lines, to highlight customisation, to enable them for monitoring performance and to flexibly interface with other products they are connected to. The corporate culture at LM, markedly customer-centred, has allowed the company to interpret innovation (for process and product) as the opportunity to foresee market evolutions and provide its customers with previews of the best handling solutions in terms of quality and performance.