LM07 Multilaner

Conveyor system for primary packaging sorting, LM07 Multilaner guarantees high speeds thanks to the double movement of the swinging and telescopic guides, which perform the line change without slowing down or spacing out the product.

LM07 Multilaner

LM07 Multilaner is one of the historical LM’s sorter models. From the first time it was launched on the market 20 years ago, LM07 has evolved over the last 20 years in terms of speed, versatility (format changes), compactness and production mode, also offering economic benefits for the buyer.

It is suited for distributing products such as bottles, tins, tetra paks, jars, cans and canisters over various types of lines and is distinguished for being able to sort products at a high speed without having to retain them or space them out as they transit. LM07 Multilaner is therefore able to reach otherwise unobtainable speeds thanks to product guides that perform the line change by moving simultaneously sideways, guaranteeing the change in direction, and longitudinally, in the direction of travel of the product. It can be equipped at the infeed and outfeed with product rotation systems to allow complex secondary packaging layouts (link to rotators).

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Technical Sheet

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  • Maximum Production 800ppm
  • Maximum Speed70m/min
  • Max number of output rows 12
  • Maximum standard diverting420mm 520 mm 720mm
  • Conveyor length4500 mm
  • VersionsPainted Stainless steel
Suited for
  • Beverage
    Glass Bottles, PET Bottles, Cans,
  • Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods
    Small/large trays, Jars,
  • Dairy
    Bottles, Tetra Paks,
  • Fresh food / Ready meals
    Boxes, Small/large trays,
  • Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Plastic containers, Glass containers, Boxes,
  • Tissue
    Unpackaged product (Rolls, Wet wipes, Paper towels, ), Bundles,


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