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For almost 50 years we have been offering technologically advanced handling solutions, guaranteeing high quality products calibrated to the specific needs of each customer

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Innovation, reliability and customisation

are the strong points of a company that has the desire to explore new technological paths in its DNA

All of the solutions

LM is able to offer a broad range of handling systems for multiple application categories and every type of need

Sorting systems

A broad range of applications to sort and combine products, from the smallest to the largest, packaged and loose, stable and unstable, in rigid or flexible packaging


Curved conveyor systems of single unpackaged or packaged products of small and medium size, characterised by versatility, sturdiness and reduced maintenance costs

Orientation Product

Made-to-measure solutions for “handling” products during transfer: they intervene to turn, turn over, stack or group together packaging


Solutions for vertical product handling, small or large, empty or full, rigid or flexible that are distinguished by speed, flexibility and possibility of customisation

Accumulation System

Systems designed to accumulate products that transit along the line, to increase efficiency and reduce stops

Belt conveyors

Belts to handle small and delicate unpackaged products for the confectionery and bread making sectors

High performance conveyor plants and systems. For over 60 years Magnoni, a company in LM Group based in Modena, has been designing and building customised and technologically advanced handling systems and full and empty containers and for end of the line

Established as a start-up in 2009 for the supply of modular chain, belt and roller conveyors. Marpatech builds technologically advanced conveyors quickly and at competitive prices. The site is in Santarcangelo di Romagna.

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Side Grip Elevator
Product Lifting
This is the LM elevator model used mainly in bottling lines to vary the container handling height in a limited space and at high speed. Thanks to the continuous movement, it is ...
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Global assistance with certified experts available 7 days a week

Thanks to expert technicians and a broad range of technological supports, LM is able to offer not only assistance in the field, but also remote and online assistance, guaranteeing the efficiency of its products over time

Sales assistance

The LM pre-sales service assists the customer in defining and developing custom layouts and estimates

After-sales assistance

LM customer care follows the needs of the customer for the entire life cycle of the supply

Spare parts

Certified spare parts for the LM solutions, for both emergencies and predictive maintenance

From the LM range

showcased products

Flexibility, performance, efficiency and sustainability represent the competitive edge of our products to optimise the business of our customers

  • Curves
The LM hygienic cylindrical curves, the curved conveyor system for fresh foods, dairy and bread making, are suited for applications that require complete and total disinfection.
  • Sorting Systems
Conveyor system for primary packaging sorting, LM07 Multilaner guarantee high speeds thanks to the double movement of the swinging and telescopic guides, which perform the line change without slowing down or spacing out the product.
  • Product Lifting
Handling systems for variations in container handling height and suited for bottling lines, the Side Grip Elevator Elevator-Lowerator guarantees great productivity and maximum simplicity of management.
  • Product Orientation
The LM orientation system used for turning products on their side (90°) or turning them over (180°) during handling, LM’s Twister adapts to the handling of both primary and secondary packaging.
  • Belt conveyors
The belt conveyor system with 90° transfer function of the regular product rows arriving from the ovens or from the depanners towards one or more horizontal packaging machines. Our row distribution belts are particularly suited for the confectionery sector and bread products.
  • Sorting Systems
Divider systems for large products for all end-of-line needs, D25 dividers have considerable overall dimensions to offer up to 10 infeeds and outfeeds.

Unlimited possibilities

Find the most suitable product for your line!

LM is the leading company in the sector and partner in a position of privilege to maximise the potential of handling systems and achieve optimal levels of productivity: solutions that are always cutting edge and built to-measure for the customer.

Since 1975, we have been offering technologically advanced handling and conveyor solutions, guaranteeing high quality products calibrated to the specific needs of each customer. LM is innovation, reliability and customisation.


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