Since 1975, LM has been designing and building systems that adapt to every type of application: from accumulation to orientation, from dividing to lifting, from curves to belt conveyors. Quality and reliability for every handling need for unpackaged products, primary and secondary packaging.


Sorting Systems

Slat Dividers | By-pass | Sortech | Multilaners
For over 40 years, LM has been synonymous with sorting, dividing, aligning and grouping. Alongside the most popular diverters and sorters, installed in hundreds of factories around


With an annual production exceeding 200 units, LM is the market leader in supplying curves, curved conveyor systems for single unpackaged or packaged products of small and
Soluzioni orientamento

Product Orientation

The various steps that get a product inside primary packaging, and then the said primary packaging inside secondary packaging, for sale or storage, and finally the said ...
Soluzioni sollevamento

Product Lifting

LM is able to provide a wide range of lifting systems for the vertical handling of small or large, empty or full, rigid or soft products, such ...
trasporto tappeto
trasporto tappeto

Belt conveyors

LM has an internal division exclusively dedicated to the design and construction of belt conveyors for the handling of unpackaged products going to primary packaging in the ...

Accumulation Systems

The efficiency and availability of the packaging lines depend not only on the function of the individual machines that compose it, but also on the presence of ...

Since 1975, we have been offering technologically advanced handling and conveyor solutions, guaranteeing high quality products calibrated to the specific needs of each customer. LM is innovation, reliability and customisation.


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