Slat Dividers D16

D16 dividers, the divider system for sorting medium sized secondary packaging, guarantee high performance in terms of linear speed and feature numerous infeed and outfeed configurations.

Slat Dividers D16

Slat Dividers D16 is LM’s most highly performing diverter model, in terms of linear speed. It is suited for sorting secondary packaging of medium weight and dimension of various types of product (cartons, bundles, boxes, cases, bags, etc…) intended for the bottling, bread making, confectionery, fresh foods, dairy, fresh produce sectors. Slat Dividers D16 has numerous infeed and outfeed configurations and is equipped with various types of product conveyor sliding blocks based on the contact surfaces and speed. The exchange is commanded with pneumatic cylinders or servomotors based on the number of cycles per minute. The centre distance of the infeed and outfeed lanes can be fixed or variable with centralised, manual or automatic control. The model can come with numerous standard systems to facilitate the transfer of unstable products.

  • Sorting Systems
    Slat Dividers,

Technical Sheet

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  • Maximum Number of Infeeds/Outfeeds7
  • Maximum Product Weight16 kg
  • Maximum Speed110 m/min
  • Standard Effective Width550, 740, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300
  • VersionsPainted, stainless steel, Washdown
Suited for
  • Beverage
    Bundles, Pouches, Cartons/trays, Cases,
  • Confectionery
    Boxes, Flow-pack, Bags, Small/large trays, Cartons,
  • Bakery
    Boxes, Bags, Flow-pack, Unpackaged product (dry/coated/filled biscuits, Baked goods, Bread, Flat bread/wraps/pita bread, Crackers, Pizza, Savoury snacks/crisps, ), Small/large trays, Cartons/trays,
  • Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods
    Cartons/trays, Cases, Small/large trays, Bags, Pouches, Bundles,
  • Dairy
    Bags, Flow-pack, Small/large trays, Pouches, Bundles, Cartons/trays, Cases,
  • Fresh food / Ready meals
    Bags, Pouches, Boxes, Small/large trays, Cartons/trays,
  • Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Bundles, Bags, Flow-pack, Boxes, Cartons/Trays,
  • Logistics
    Bags, Cartons,
  • Tissue
    Unpackaged product (Rolls, Wet wipes, Paper towels, ), Flow-pack, Boxes, Cartons/trays, Bundles,
  • Tobacco
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • Pharmaceutical
    Boxes, Biomedical bags, Cartons,


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