Accumulation Systems

The efficiency and availability of the packaging lines depend not only on the function of the individual machines that compose it, but also on the presence of intermediate buffer systems, which compensate for the micro-stops of some machines in the line, which can be planned, as when changing consumables, or unplanned, as with jams or breakages. In the process lines there are even more critical processing phases that simply cannot stop even if the downstream processes are not available, with the risk of ruining the treated product. For this reason, specific experience is required for developing line layouts: planning the distance between the machines, the type and size of the conveyor belts (as they themselves can act as intermediate buffers) and inserting specific systems when necessary with the function of accumulating products in transit, LM is able to provide these services and solutions with the function of intermediate accumulation.

Accumulatore verticale

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Vertical accumulator

The accumulation system installed in the packaging lines, LM vertical accumulators (or buffers) store the products in case ...
accumulatore a nastri sovrapposti

Fresh food / Ready meals | Confectionery | Dairy | Bakery |

Multi-Level Belt Accumulator

Accumulation system mainly used in the bread making and confectionery sectors, the Multi-Level Belt Accumulator is installed in ...