A very versatile handling system, Sortech is able to manage both handling and dividing, rotation and diverting of products within packaging and logistics lines.


Sortech is one of the most versatile LM sorter models. Thanks to its flexibility, it allows a broad range of actions such as sorting, diverting, rejecting and aligning in continuous mode, with the possibility of dynamically varying times, direction and speed of movement based on the characteristics of the product. Its special feature is the modular chain that has balls inside of it which, when duly actuated, allow intelligent product movement as the chain advances. The reduced rate of the balls allows the machine to also operate with relatively small sized products, or heavy loads (up to 700 kg/m<sup>2</sup>) with solid and rigid base. From a construction point of view, Sortech is simple, robust and at the same time safe (the operator can work without the use of external protections). It is innovative in its capacity to combine functions that generally would have required the use of multiple systems, considerably reducing the overall dimensions and the difficulties linked to communication between multiple machines.

  • smistamento
    Sorting Systems
  • Maximum Speed140 m/min
  • Maximum Rate200 ppm
  • VersionsPainted, stainless steel, Washdown (IP65)
  • Standard Width305 381 457 608 1216
  • Standard Length600 800 1000 1200 2500
  • FunctionsDivision / Alignment Diverting / Reject Rotation
Suited for
  • cura, persona, casa, chimico
    Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Bundles, Boxes, Cartons/Trays,
  • logistica
    Bags, Cartons,
  • tissue
    Boxes, Cartons/trays, Bundles,
  • tabacco
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • farmaceutico
    Boxes, Cartons,
  • beverage
    Bundles, Cartons/trays,
  • dolciario
    Boxes, Small/large trays, Cartons,
  • pane
    Cartons/trays, Boxes, Small/large trays,
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods
    Cartons/trays, Small/large trays, Bundles,
  • lattiero
    Small/large trays, Bundles, Cartons/trays,
  • piatti pronti
    Fresh food / Ready meals
    Small/large trays, Cartons/trays, Boxes,


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