LM09 orientation correction system

The system used to turn bottles or other rigid containers by 90° or 180° upstream of operations requiring correct product orientation, such as labelling or packaging.
Sistema di correzione orientamento

LM09 orientation correction system

LM09 orientation correction system is LM’s orientation system designed to enclose product separation functions (with motor-driven side belts), product orientation control (with vision and image processing system) and lastly rotation (with servo motor-controlled blades or side belts) in a very limited space. The format change is basically immediate and does not require tools. Contact with the product is controlled and gentle and at the same time prevents scratching and any marks on the surface of the containers. The main fields of use of LM09 orientation correction system are the beverage industry and the chemical industry (in particular the detergent, personal hygiene and petrochemical sectors). The containers can be made of any plastic or glass material, full or empty.

  • orientamento
    Product Orientation
  • Maximum Production 300 ppm
  • Maximum Speed80m/min
  • rotation90° or 180°
  • Product dimension min 0,2L, max 10L
  • VersionsPainted Stainless steel
Suited for
  • beverage
    Glass Bottles, PET Bottles,
  • lattiero
    Bottles, Tetra Paks,
  • cura, persona, casa, chimico
    Personal care / Home, Chemicals
    Plastic containers, Glass containers,


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