Product Orientation

The various steps that get a product inside primary packaging, and then the said primary packaging inside secondary packaging, for sale or storage, and finally the said secondary packaging on top of a pallet, always require these products to be turned, turned over, stacked or grouped. These functions can be partly performed by the machines that handle packaging, but most of the time they can be carried out during the connections between machines, which therefore not only deal with “handling” the products between one machine and the next, but also “manipulate” the products during their transfer so that they get to the next stage in the required mode and orientation. LM has a series of standard orientation systems that allow you to arrange and group products of various shapes, sizes and consistencies, as well as the skills and experience to develop special solutions if the standard ones are not optimal for the specific task.

Ruotaotir velocità differenziale

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Differential speed rotators

The conveyor system for high rate rotation on packaging lines, LM's differential speed rotators are characterised for their ...

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Twister (tilter)

The LM orientation system used for turning products on their side (90°) or turning them over (180°) during
Layer configurator

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Layer configurator

Handling system for dividing and rotating products, LM's Layer Configurator is the specific solution for preparing palletisation layers. ...
Sistema di correzione orientamento

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LM09 orientation correction system

The system used to turn bottles or other rigid containers by 90° or 180° upstream of operations requiring