Product Lifting

LM is able to provide a wide range of lifting systems for the vertical handling of small or large, empty or full, rigid or soft products, such as bags, cartons, cases, bottles and individual containers. Like the other LM solutions, the elevators – lowerators are distinguished by speed, flexibility and possibility of customisation for application needs, simplicity and low maintenance frequency. Based on the product being handled, LM has four types of elevators / lowerators: Platform Elevator – LoweratorElevator System – LoweratorPallet Elevator – LoweratorBucket Elevator – Lowerator

Elevatore tamponi

Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods | Tissue | Beverage | Dairy | Tobacco | Fresh food / Ready meals | Confectionery | Pharmaceutical | Personal care / Home, Chemicals | Bakery |

Side Grip Elevator

Handling systems for variations in container handling height and suited for bottling lines, the Side Grip Elevator Elevator-Lowerator ...
Elevatore ripiani

Beverage | Fresh food / Ready meals | Tissue | Fruit & Vegetables / Tinned foods | Confectionery | Personal care / Home, Chemicals | Tobacco | Dairy | Bakery | Pharmaceutical | Logistics |

Platform Elevator

The handling system for the change in product handling height, the Platform Elevator - Lowerator, guarantees high performance without ...