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Nastri tappeto e accessori

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors and accessories

The result of years of experience and technical development, LM Conveyor belts are the best solution for the ...
Accumulatore verticale

Accumulation Systems

Vertical accumulator

The accumulation system installed in the packaging lines, LM vertical accumulators (or buffers) store the products in case ...
Layer configurator

Product Orientation

Layer configurator

Handling system for dividing and rotating products, LM's Layer Configurator is the specific solution for preparing palletisation layers. ...
Elevatore ripiani

Product Lifting

Platform Elevator

The handling system for the change in product handling height, the Platform Elevator - Lowerator, guarantees high performance without ...
Curve a maglia plastica


Plastic Curves

LM plastic curves are a curved conveyor system for applications with high loads, featuring small overall footprint, low ...
Deviatore D16

Sorting Systems

Slat Dividers D16

D16 dividers, the divider system for sorting medium sized secondary packaging, guarantee high performance in terms of linear ...
Deviatore D25

Sorting Systems

Slat Divider D25

Divider systems for large products for all end-of-line needs, D25 dividers have considerable overall dimensions to offer up ...