Case studies

  • mozzarelle03 scontornato.jpg


    Prodotto LM: Twister 180°
    Settore: lattiero-caseario
    Prodotto: formaggio in flow-pack

    Ribaltatore a 180° in continuo. Velocità 120 p/min. Alta lavabilità


  • tray combiner.jpg


    LM Product: Divider / Merger
    Product: Oversealed, Thermoformed trays (map)
    Customer: Belgian company

    Merge multiple in-feeds to a single discharge lane D12 for oversealed thermoformed trays of precut meat.


  • cantilivered frame combiner.jpg


    LM product: Cantilivered frame divider
    Sector: Bakery, Confectionery
    Product: Confectionery

    Merge from 3 to 1 lanes of cakes and swiss rolls. Speed 120 m / min. The products come directly from the oven and can be coated or filled. The Cantilever Divider is not hindered by runoff of coatings or spillage filling which can impede other merge or sort technologies. The products are run on the entry and exit through the alignment strip controlled by brushless motors to be supplied continuously in the subsequent packaging horizontal. In the event of a downstream back-up, products are automatically sent to an upper conveyor belt and then recirculated back into the product stram when flow capacity resumes.

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  • d25 form 2 to 4.jpg


    LM product: Divider D25 2 to 4 bundles
    product: Thermoshrinked bundles of PET bottles in different sizes
    customer: German multinational manufacturer of bottling lines

    Devider 2 to 4 rows for bundles with a root flap. Speed 160 products / min. It is used to balance the flow between a wrapping at 80 strokes per minute on 2 palletizers double entry.

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  • d8 open tins3.jpg


    LM product: D8 Divider 1 to 2 lanes
    Product: Open cans containing pieces of fruit
    Customer: Italian producer of packaged fruit

    Divider from 1 to 2 lanes downstream of a weighing system sorts underweight cans to be manually weight corrected. Washable construction. Complete system which Included conveyor belts.

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Case studies