SInce 1975, LM has developed the reputation as one of the largest suppliers of material handling systems in both the domestic and international markets. Our growth comes through our ability to remain innovative by applying solutions of our past to the new needs presented to us by our Customers.

All of the equipment solutions provided by LM play fundamental roles in a broad range of packaging and process lines, improving product flow efficiencies that were previosuly bottlenecks for the entire production chain.


Case studies

  • 17.10.2008

    Prodotto LM: Twister 180°

    Settore: lattiero-caseario

    Prodotto: formaggio in flow-pack

  • 23.04.2008

    LM Product: Divider / Merger

    Product: Oversealed, Thermoformed trays (map)

    Customer: Belgian company

  • 17.10.2008

    LM product: Cantilivered frame divider

    Sector: Bakery, Confectionery

    Product: Confectionery

  • 30/05/04

    LM product: Divider D25 2 to 4 bundles

    product: Thermoshrinked bundles of PET bottles in different sizes

    customer: German multinational manufacturer of bottling lines